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Sculpture, Bronze Sculpture, Antique

Sculpture, Bronze Sculpture, Antique

Trade Info
Trademark: Rongzhen
Style: Chinese
Type: Antique Bronze Craft
Age: Tang and Song Dynasties
Basic Info
Type:Antique Bronze Craft
Age:Tang and Song Dynasties
Export Markets:Global
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Product Description

Sculpture, Bronze Sculpture, Antique

Human Face Square Ding

Size: 8X4.8X7.2"

DING signified authority and power in ancient China.

It's the representative of Chinese bronze culture.

The human face square Ding was unearthed in 1959, Hunan, China.

The veins of Ding was animal, only this one is human's face.

The four sides of the Ding are all the same human face.

So it has much value.

About the founding of the Ding,

In 1959, a farmer found the Human face square Ding when he was cultivating the ground in Ning Village. Because he didn't know what it was, he scrapped the Ding in order to take it easily.

Then he sold the Ding as the scrap bronze.

Finally the Hunan Museum heard from that, they tried them best to find all scrap.

At last, they found the whole 11 pieces of the Ding.

The precious cultural relic nearly becomes the rubbish.

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